EZcall.app software is built including the features you already know from
Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, Line etc and our own unique features


All EZcall.app messages are always securely encrypted.

Chat, groups, business

Chat with friends, multiple users in groups or as a company with clients or colleagues

Secret Secure chats

EZcall is equipped with secret chat feature. You can create private chat session with self destructive messages. ALL information sent & received are erased from both parties, once the session is closed or a set time has passed.

Easily add friends

Find friends, family and colleagues by using Phone Contact Sync or easily Invite contacts to EZcall.app

Audio and video

EZcall.app includes in-app calling functionality & video chatting. Make audio and video calls with friends using Wifi or mobile data

Share location

If you turn on location service, EZcall allows you to share your location with friends making it easier finding each-other and set up meetings

No Track Keeping 

Our EZcall app does not contain codes that can track or copy your messages. This also mean that ours servers do not keep any log or copy of your messages. No prying eyes. 

No server copies

We are not able to see your messages. We do not log your messages.

Delete means delete

No messages are kept anywhere except on your phone. When you delete messages its deleted everywhere.

Always developing

We will continuously add new great features. Including, making calls to land lines from EZcall, ensuring the highest security features compared to any other chat app... and much, much more!